Tuesday, 10 May 2016

What is stock photography?

Stock photography simply refers to the supply of licensed photographs for creative assignment which in the long run saves on costs of hiring a photographer. They are convenient for all parties involved since stock photography agencies get to keep a certain percentage of photos sold on their website while the photographer also gets his share and the client ends up with the desired photo.

 Photographers may submit all their stock image to the stock photography websites for the buyers to choose from or they can simply submit only the images that the website is looking for. The second option tends to work for most photographers since what the website is looking for is definitely what the client want.

Stock photography websites always want images that will quickly sell- meaning they should easily attract clients. As a photographer make sure your photos are attractive and when you decide to use images of people, you should provide the stock photography agencies with model releases to prove that you have an agreement with the people present in your photos.

You can choose to be versatile or specific with your photos as a photographer. Being versatile means your photos can range from people, animals, nature etc. as long as they meet the agency’s requirements. You can also decide to focus on specific types of images in order to satisfy your clients.

As a photographer there are many stock photography websites that you can submit your images to. Most popular ones are Stockport, Fotalia, Shutterstock etc. and they all provide room for royalty free stock images.

Before you submit your photos to any stock photography website, make sure:

They are of high quality. High resolutions images of subjects and aspects from new perspectives is key to attracting interest in your photos. Lens type, type of lighting, camera angle should be well considered.

They are well edited. Stock agencies reject images with blurs, high contract, lens flare and noise.

They are not copyrighted. Avoid imitations of any kind and be as original as possible.

It has a catchy title. This is important since an attractive title will easily sell your photo out of the many photos present in the stock photography website.

To enhance your photos ability to sell fast be easily traced during search results, you should tag your images using key words in order to give them an upper hand.

Give your photos a short description for better understanding and emphasize on important text. This again makes your photo be able to sell easily.

Stock photography has really eased things and made photography cheaper. As a client, try visit these Stockphotography websites to get the images you may need and if you are a photographer, make use of the website to boost your photography.

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