Sunday, 29 May 2016

Construct Africa

Architectural designs mean different things to different people. Great architecture though stands out and makes you stop for a minute and sigh. This month our photo competition is about “Building Construction Sites’’. We want to tell the story of construction projects throughout Africa with images.

What goes on at construction sites that most of us don’t get to see and might never encounter. We want to shine a light on the men and women at building construction sites who have mastered the art of architecture to deliver such beautiful designs we have grown to love.

For October, Construct Africa in conjunction with Africa Knows seeks to tell the story of Building Construction Sites and construction jobs on the continent. We want to capture the beauty and the spirit of these unique projects. The competition will run from 21st October 2015 and closes on 21st November 2015. We seek beautiful and breathtaking photographs capturing your different Construction job sites in Africa. From stadiums, churches and all the landmark buildings in your country, submit your perfect shot for a chance to win.
Upload Instructions
a.) Create an account on the site as a photographer.
b.) Go to your profile from the top right corner of the site
c.) On the left side menu bar, select “Upload Images”.
d.) Select a high resolution image to upload
e.) Once uploaded, click “Unfinished” tab and select the image to edit and submit.
f.) Fill in image details including “Title, Description and Keywords”. If you have a model or property release of the image, select it here. Set the appropriate License for the image.”
g.) Choose” Construct Africa as one of the image category under Competitions
h.) Agree to the “Terms and Conditions” and submit photo.
The photograph will be reviewed. Once approved it will show up on the competition page as a successful entry.
Prizes are as follows
1st place - $200
2nd place - $150
3rd place - $100
For more information, visit