Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Wondering how to gain and keep your customer’s loyalty? Here is how

Customer management simply means maintaining a good and conducive relationship between a company and its customers. This is quite vital since in order for a company to grow, it should be able to maintains its current and win more customer. This will only be possible if there is a healthy relationship between a company and its customers. Here are tips on how to effectively and efficiently manage your customers

For starters, win your customers. This involves identifying your first time customers and working towards converting them to forever loyal customers. This is where u learn your new customers, acquire information on their needs and desires and know how so satisfy them so that they can stay glued to you.

Convert your new customers to trustworthy customers who can campaign for your products. In order to achieve this, you should be keen on the following:

Be sensitive to you customers. This simply implies that you should always respond to your consumer’s questions, queries and praises. This tends to make them feel appreciated and recognized. Through your purchaser’s questions, you are able assist them get more access to your products or services and also know where you need to upgrade through their queries. Their praises are also important since you are able to know how you impact on their lives and from there you can maintain it that or even make your commodities better.

Maintain a friendly atmosphere with your customers. Every client wants to feel needed and appreciated. Being friendly to them will go a long way into winning their attention to your products. Not all customers will always be polite to you, some may even try to shun down your product but remember that you need them more than they need you and therefore you should try convince them otherwise in a polite way. Furthermore, such critics will only help you improve on your products so look at the brighter side and accommodate them.

Always be an edge above your customers with regards to your products. This will make them feel safe and secure to use your services and products. when you notice any flaws, be quick to address it. You can inform your customers about it and let them know what you did or what you are doing to rectify it. This will save you from the claws of your critics and also lessen disappointments and questions from your clients.

Don’t keep your customers on waiting for long. When they have queries or questions, always be quick at responding to them. By doing this your customers feel that they are really of importance to you and they will consider you a competent and reliable company. It is advisable as a company to always have someone ready to respond to your customer, be it on the help desk or on social media.

Be appreciative. Everyone wants to feel acknowledged including your customers because were it not for them, your product will definitely be out of the market. You can do this by giving them gift humpers or small thank you notes.

Following the above tips religiously will guarantee you the desired results. It is definitely make you be able to maintain your customer’s loyalty

Monday, 28 March 2016

Why you need social media for your business

Social media is a great asset to any business. A great percentage of the human population spend most of their time on social media. This means if you make your presence felt on social media you will definitely have reached a good number of people across the world. Here are reasons why you need social media for your business.

It is easy to know your customer’s feelings

Most people have a tendency of expressing themselves on social media. When they get exceptional services from your business they will put it on social media and that will be a plus on your side. They will as well shun you down and criticize you when the service offered to them are poor and not to their expectation. Your presence on social media is therefore vital.

It’s a branding strategy             

Social media gives you the opportunity to continuously talk about your brand and market it to the maximum. This is because if people have enquiries you will have to answer them in a manner that promotes your brand. Likewise if you notice a problem and your brand can offer a solution you again have an opportunity to market yourself.

Transparency is maintained

Being found on social media as a company creates some level of trust to your customers. This is because they feel you have given them the freedom to air their queries about you in public. On your side you will want to protect your image and therefore you will have to respond to objections as fast as you can and in the best way possible. The way you handle complaints will affect your prospective customers. The better you handle queries the more you make your customers have confidence in you and more you are able to attract new clients.

Easy of reach

Most people feel they can better reach their service providers through social media. They find it easier to post their complaints, compliments and suggestions on social media. It is there for easy for both you and your client to find each other and communicate.

Most people spend their time on social media

In today’s world most people spend their time online or rather most work require them to be online. It there for makes sense you practically fishing for them where you know you can easily find them. It will therefore be a great loss for you not to cease the opportunity and use it to market your brand.

Social media is there for a vital tool for your business. It can go a long way in giving you the recognition you need. It also gives you the platform to market your brand.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Documentary Photography

Photography is an art of expression. It is a medium through which one can use it to communicate to the world. DMworia is one passionate Kenyan photographer who uses his camera as a tool tell a beautiful story in almost all spheres of life.

Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya’s economy and DMworia has brought it to focus through his work.

He also has good Images education

DMworia has also used his photography skills to shed some light on the health sector

Contraction & Technology
He has a collection on Technology and construction. These images are well done and gives you the viewer a perfect look and feel.

DMworia has a collection of the general rural lifestyle. This images are well shot and through them one can get an ideal story.

These are just but a few of the wonderful work done by DMworia. He is an exceptional photographer and to see more of his work, visit https://www.africaknows.com

Monday, 21 March 2016

Do you want to know what free stock photography entails?

Thanks to technology a lot of things, including photography have been eased. Free stock photography enables users to get photos for creativity or business purposes by conducting a photo search on stock photography websites. When they get their desired images- whether they are creative or editorial images, they download the images and use them at a fee. Stock images are usually licensed images meant to be used once or images with royalty free rights- meaning they can be purchased once and be used repeatedly. Here is how free stock photography works.

First of all, a photographer has to take a picture of whatever image that is needed. If you are a photographer, it is advisable to register with a stock photography website. After doing this, get to know what types of images the website is looking for since it depicts what the customer may want. From there take photos and post them to the website.

Once your photos are on the website, clients can view them and purchase them. According to your agreement with the website during your registration, you are able to get a certain percentage of money when your photos sell.

As a photographer who wants his images to sell faster, you should:

Take clear photos. Your photos should be of high resolution in order to be attractive to clients.

Your photos should be well edited. Editing photos tends to make them look perfect and appealing to the eye.

Your models should sign releases. This is important since stock photography agencies will only accept your photos if these releases have been signed by your models.

Know what your agency is looking for in photos and deliver it. Compare your photos with those that are already present in your agency’s website and make sure they share the same qualities.
If you may be interested to purchase stock images, you should put the following into consideration:

Visit the best stock agencies, check out their terms and settle for the one you consider best that satisfies you.

Create an account with the preferred agency then from there you will be able to view the stock images a purchase the image of your choice.

You can then purchase on credit or pay cash. If you feel you need a lot of images for a long duration of time, you can subscribe at a fee in order to receive these photos.

Once you have chosen your mode of payment, you can conduct your photo search then download your image of preference.

Stock photography has really eased image selling and buying. It is also cheaper to purchase stock images from a stock photography website as compared to hiring a photographer to be taking photos for you. Exploit the world of stock photography and enjoy the benefits it has to offer.

Do you want to augment returns through online advertising? Here is how to

Advertising is a very important marketing strategy. It helps make people aware of your products and at the same time to lure them into buy them. Today, most people worldwide spend most of their time online. It is therefore important to venture into digital marketing in order to be able to capture a large audience without limiting yourself to a specific locality. Here are tips to help you successfully venture into online marketing.

For starter you should know your target audience. With this knowledge you will be able to come up with things that will capture their attention during the internet advertising campaign.

Optimize your site for search engines. This will give you an upper hand since your company will pop up among the first names that will come up when someone types certain words. In order to achieve this, strategically insert keywords on the text of your website page.

Always put your URL on everything related to your business. Be it your business cards, letter heads, e-mail signatures, brochures, flyers etc. This will enable your customers and potential clients to be aware that you have a company website and are able to log in to it in case they need anything from your company.

Create a blog for your company. Through the articles present in the blogs, you are able to inform your blog visitors about your company via the articles present in that blog.

Come up with a customer’s e-mail list. Use this list inform your customers of any offers, discounts or any news that affects them. Doing this will make your customers feel valued and you will win their loyalty and at the same time be able to attract new clients.

Join reciprocal links and banners. Through this, other companies will include your links and banners on their sites while you do the same on your site. This will go a long way in advertising your company to a larger audience.

Start up a page for your company on social media. This will increase your relation with your customers and will increase your chances of winning your customer’s loyalty and also be able to persuade new clients.

Make your website as attractive as possible. Where images are present make sure they are of a high resolution and the content on the website is well done and information is clearly put across.

With the above tips followed to the latter, you will be able to sail smoothly into online advertising and get your desired outcome.