Wednesday, 3 February 2016

On Valentine's Eve

February is already here and I know women are like yaay!! Waiting for their men to do something special for them come on valentine’s eve. I know some of us are also preparing something special for our men and I am here to help you spice it up. 

We are all done with January and all its hustles and it won’t bite spending some extra money for a good time with your significant other. Coming to think of it, whoever baptized February as the month of love did a great thing because it comes in at a good time. December festivities are more focused on family and no matter where you go with your other half, you will tend to focus more on other people as opposed to the two of you. Then January is the recovery month where you recover financially from the holes you dug on your pocket during the Christmas festivities. February comes at a time where you have already spent enough time with your family, you are done with your New Year blues and you are ready to show some love to your loved one.

Enough of my explanations. So I have a number of amazing ideas I have for you.
You can decide to do a romantic dinner with your partner. I know it might sound cliché because it might feel like going out on just another date or everyone does dinner etc. Yes I agree dinners are commonly done but exquisite dinners are rarely done. When you hear me talking about and exquisite dinner I do do mean something exceptional. From good ambiance, to well prepared food, exclusive services etc. It should be good enough to make you and your partner feel like you have never been to a romantic dinner ever before.

You can make it a more than a one day treat and go on a romantic getaway. Get away from your usual, normal environment and go explore other beautiful places together. There is always something special about being away from the usual with the person you love. If I was to explore this option I would try out a getaway to House of Waine or Seven Island Resort in Watamu just to mention but a few.

You can also go get your nerves relaxed together. Just picture this; both of you have been up and about making sure life runs comfortable and smoothly for both of you. I know that is really exhausting and getting an avenue to just tone it down and take pressure off your shoulders can be really nice. A good body massage would do if you have it with your partner. Personally I feel that is romantic in its own way; you get to feel relaxed together and it gives a nice avenue for both of you to be lost in each other’s world.

I do consider the fact that not all of us have the pleasure of having jobs that allow us to have enough time to do long dinners or getaways. Having a tight – up – scheduled job should be no excuse for not having time to show your love and appreciation to your sweetheart. My suggestion is that you can do a romantic stay in an exquisite serviced apartments within your vicinity. A place that allows you to be available for work and your loved one at the same time.

I can go on and on writing on these lovely valentine ideas but I have to end here. You have no reason not to do something special for your loved one. Go out your way and make him or her feel loved and appreciated. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make it special; let your love be the special factor.

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