Monday, 22 February 2016


The summer is still here and my suggestion is that you lose all your clothes.  When you hear of the word holiday, we all tend to visualize a nice place where there is great sun and a lot of relaxation.  Personally my vacation has to be somewhere at the coast. There plenty of reasons why I prefer beach holidays

For starters, going on holiday is as mental as it is physical. I like feeling the holiday mood and one way to do so is dress up for it. A nice booty short and a linen top will do for me. This outfit is of course not restricted to the coast but as for me, it makes me feel happy spirited and feel like holiday at the coast.

The weather is so conducive for me at the coast. Warm temperature is definitely what I need to enjoy my vacation. It makes me feel jovial and move about easily unlike cold or rain that makes me want to spend the entire day in my house, on the couch taking hot chocolate.

My vacation can never be complete without having a swim. I can get a pool anywhere I want within my city and for that reason I usually like swimming in different environments.  The ocean is my got to place for my vacation. Sprawling under the sun to get some nice vitamin D, swimming in the salty blue water, the white sand, all this combined is just perfect for my mind, body and soul.

A vacation at the coast is not complete without good outdoor activities. Visiting historical sites if fun but I personally like keeping it in the water. Activities like deep sea diving, surfing, canoe boat racing etc are fun to the core. A nice way to refresh my mind off the hustles and bustles of work.

In as much as I may be on holiday I still like learning about new stuff. The Kenyan coast is one place that has good historical knowledge. From Fort Jesus, Vasco Da Gamma Pillar, Gedi ruins etc. The list is endless. The locals also have a rich culture which is best portrayed through their cuisine.

Get out this summer and o have fun. My recommendation is try visit the coast and if you don’t like it, well and good but I am 100% sure that you will like it.

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