Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Customer is someone you definitely don’t want to lose, here is how effectively manage them

Customer management simply means maintaining a good and conducive relationship between a company and its customers. This is quite vital since in order for a company to grow, it should be able to maintain its current and win more customer. This will only be possible if there is a healthy relationship between a company and its customers. Here are tips on how to effectively and efficiently manage your customers

For starters, win your customers. This involves identifying your first time customers and working towards converting them to forever loyal customers. This is where u learn your new customers, acquire information on their needs and desires and know how so satisfy them so that they can stay glued to you.

Convert your new customers to trustworthy customers who can campaign for your products. The following tips will help you achieve this:  

Be sensitive to your customers. This simply implies that you should always respond to your consumer’s questions, queries and praises. This tends to make them feel appreciated and recognized. Through your purchaser’s questions, you are able assist them get more access to your products or services and also know where you need to upgrade through their queries. Their praises are also important since you are able to know how you impact on their lives and from there you can maintain it that or even make your commodities better. 
Maintain a friendly atmosphere with your customers. Every client wants to feel needed and appreciated. Being friendly to them will go a long way into winning their attention to your products.  Not all customers will always be polite to you, some may even try to shun down your products but remember that you need them more than they need you and therefore you should try convince them otherwise in a polite way. Furthermore such critics will only help you improve on your products, so look at the brighter side and accommodate them.

Always be an edge above your customers with regards to your products. This will make them feel safe and secure to use your services and products. When you notice any flaws, be quick to address it. You can inform your customers about it and let them know what you did or what you are doing to rectify it. This will save you from the claws of your critics and also lessen disappointments and questions from your clients.

Don’t keep your customers on waiting for long. When they have queries or questions, always be quick at responding to them. By doing this your customer’s feel that they are really of importance to you and they will consider you a competent and reliable company. It is advisable as a company to always have someone ready to respond to your customers, be it on the help desk or on social media.

Be appreciative. Everyone wants to feel acknowledged including your customers because if it were not for them, your product will definitely be out of the market. You can do this by giving bonuses or discounts to a specific time interval. This will keep your customers on your side and at the same time win you more customers as they too may want to experience such treats in the future.

Maintain close friendship ties with your clients. A friend will definitely want to promote a fellow friend and with your customers as your friend, they will try maintain their loyalty to you and even sell you to other potential customers. You can convert your customers to customer friends by regularly communicating with them via calls or social media and finding out their ideas, queries and questions about your products. You don’t have to always wait for them to contact you, go that extra mile and contact them and this gesture will be appreciated by your customers.


Have knowledge of what your competitors are doing to maintain their customers. With this information you can strategize better forms that will make their customers migrate to your side. You can also polish on what they are not doing right to maintain their customers and once you attend to that which was neglected by your competitors in relation to customer management, their customers will turn to you as their better option. By doing his you stand to win more customers.  

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