Saturday, 27 February 2016

The art of becoming a successful market manager

As a market manager you definitely want to establish a niche for your company’s products and surpass your competitors by far. In order to do this, you should be strategic and and careful on whatever plans you intend to put in place in order achieve a great positive response for your products. Here are some productive techniques to apply for the desired outcome.

Step 1

As a market manager you should be aware of the waters you’re trading on. It is advisable to first survey then section your market for easier penetration and effective results. You can collect data of your customers by using for example warranty cards since during acquisition, a customer has to fill in his name, annual income, gender etc. With this in your possession you can be able to gauge the characteristics of most of your customers and from there be able to know which category of people largely use your product. With this information at your disposal, you should then intensify your advertising towards this group and target them more with promotions that appeal to them.

Step 2

Being the market manager of your company you should be aware of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. Being aware of your weakness enables you to take necessary measures to try reduce them and at the same time exploit your strengths to the fullest in order to compensate for your weakness. You should also be fully aware of your competitors who pose a threat to your products. Try learn the tricks that gives their products an edge over yours, master it and beat them at their own game. In order to do this that means that you always have to be informed about what strategies your competitors are taking and be creative in order to be able to maintain a higher standard over them or surpass them if they were above you. Your eyes and ears should also be alert to spot new opportunities aimed at widening your product’s market. You should be receptive to opportunities and when they don’t meet your desires, try bargain your way through; remember something is better than nothing.

Step 3

Growth is a natural process and one should be able to nature it at its various phases. This phases include:

Introduction where a product sets into the market for the first time. At this stage, you as the market manager should be able to set a price that will not repel customers from that particular product and at the same time your company is able to make the necessary profits.

Maturity as the product is able to blend into the market and as time advances it is able to face competition from similar products from other companies. At this point your pricing still should not send away your customers to your competitors and at the same time it should still be able to win you the required profits.

Decline is part of growth. It reaches a time when a product does not win as many customers as it used to during the introduction and maturity stage. At this point, you should be able to cut down on pricing in order not to lose your market share and at the same time still maintain the few customers on your side but be careful not to run your company at a loss.

Step 4

As a market manager you should be updated on the market’s sectioning. You should be aware of the highly populated market as well as the under-served and untapped market. With this knowledge you should make your investigations on whether to dive in to the already populated market or explore the under-served market. You as the market manager should be able to weigh your options and know which will advantage you more.

Taking these steps into considerations will guarantee you your success as a market manager and take your company to the desired heights. Remember, marketing is all about strategy, if you strategize smart success will come looking for you.

Monday, 22 February 2016


The summer is still here and my suggestion is that you lose all your clothes.  When you hear of the word holiday, we all tend to visualize a nice place where there is great sun and a lot of relaxation.  Personally my vacation has to be somewhere at the coast. There plenty of reasons why I prefer beach holidays

For starters, going on holiday is as mental as it is physical. I like feeling the holiday mood and one way to do so is dress up for it. A nice booty short and a linen top will do for me. This outfit is of course not restricted to the coast but as for me, it makes me feel happy spirited and feel like holiday at the coast.

The weather is so conducive for me at the coast. Warm temperature is definitely what I need to enjoy my vacation. It makes me feel jovial and move about easily unlike cold or rain that makes me want to spend the entire day in my house, on the couch taking hot chocolate.

My vacation can never be complete without having a swim. I can get a pool anywhere I want within my city and for that reason I usually like swimming in different environments.  The ocean is my got to place for my vacation. Sprawling under the sun to get some nice vitamin D, swimming in the salty blue water, the white sand, all this combined is just perfect for my mind, body and soul.

A vacation at the coast is not complete without good outdoor activities. Visiting historical sites if fun but I personally like keeping it in the water. Activities like deep sea diving, surfing, canoe boat racing etc are fun to the core. A nice way to refresh my mind off the hustles and bustles of work.

In as much as I may be on holiday I still like learning about new stuff. The Kenyan coast is one place that has good historical knowledge. From Fort Jesus, Vasco Da Gamma Pillar, Gedi ruins etc. The list is endless. The locals also have a rich culture which is best portrayed through their cuisine.

Get out this summer and o have fun. My recommendation is try visit the coast and if you don’t like it, well and good but I am 100% sure that you will like it.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

7 Simple Lighting Techniques

Photography is an art that uses the camera to capture an image. There are a lot of techniques of photography and they are dependent on features such as light, camera position, environment etc.

Light is a vital factor when it comes to photography. One can use it to display a certain theme, effect or create ambiance. There are a couple of lighting techniques when it comes to photography and I will gladly take you through.

Split lighting

This is exactly as it sounds. It spits the image into two horizontal halves with one side being exposed to light while the other one is in darkness.  The dark side is however not 100% dark but the distinction between the dark and light side is evident. This technique is mostly used to create a dramatic effect. It also brings a touch of masculinity to an image hence most men like taking their photos using this technique.  In order to achieve this technique, place the light source 90 degrees to the left or right of the subject and slightly behind. Under this technique when you are taking a portrait, it is advisable to let the light reflect on the model’s eyes, especially the one close to the light source. It makes the model ‘s eyes appear full of life.

Loop Lighting.

This technique is best used on portraits. It creates a dark shadow on the model’s nose and cheeks. To achieve this technique, the lighting should be about 45 degrees from the camera. The shadow of the nose and neck don’t touch. This technique is the most popular used technique because it is usually flattering.

Rembrandt Lighting

This technique was named after a painter called Rembrandt because he often used it on his paintings. In Rembrandt lighting, the shadow creates little triangle of light in the middle. This technique creates a dramatic effect, more mood and a darker feeling on your image.  This technique involves placing the subject slightly away from the light source. The light source should be above the subject at an angle that allows it to form the little triangular shadow.

Butterfly lighting

This technique is named after the butterfly shaped shadow that is created. The light source is placed above and directly behind the camera such that the photographer is shooting underneath the light source. It is mostly used when doing portraits to create a glamorous effect. It also favors older people since it creates an illusion of little or no wrinkles.

Broad Lighting

In this technique the face of your object is turned away from the center and the side that faces the camera is in the light. This produces a large area of light on the face and the shadow appears much smaller. This technique makes the subject image look broader.

Short lighting

This is literally the opposite of broad lighting. It puts the side turned towards the camera in shadow. Its makes the subject image appear slimmer.

Paramount lighting

In this technique, light is used in a manner that defining features are highlighted. The light source is placed 45 degrees to the subject and a backlight is used as a separation from the foreground.

Now that you are informed you can play around with these lighting techniques to get certain effects. Every technique has its own advantages, find that which suits you best and work with it. Don’t be rigid though, feel free to try all of them out.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Customer is someone you definitely don’t want to lose, here is how effectively manage them

Customer management simply means maintaining a good and conducive relationship between a company and its customers. This is quite vital since in order for a company to grow, it should be able to maintain its current and win more customer. This will only be possible if there is a healthy relationship between a company and its customers. Here are tips on how to effectively and efficiently manage your customers

For starters, win your customers. This involves identifying your first time customers and working towards converting them to forever loyal customers. This is where u learn your new customers, acquire information on their needs and desires and know how so satisfy them so that they can stay glued to you.

Convert your new customers to trustworthy customers who can campaign for your products. The following tips will help you achieve this:  

Be sensitive to your customers. This simply implies that you should always respond to your consumer’s questions, queries and praises. This tends to make them feel appreciated and recognized. Through your purchaser’s questions, you are able assist them get more access to your products or services and also know where you need to upgrade through their queries. Their praises are also important since you are able to know how you impact on their lives and from there you can maintain it that or even make your commodities better. 
Maintain a friendly atmosphere with your customers. Every client wants to feel needed and appreciated. Being friendly to them will go a long way into winning their attention to your products.  Not all customers will always be polite to you, some may even try to shun down your products but remember that you need them more than they need you and therefore you should try convince them otherwise in a polite way. Furthermore such critics will only help you improve on your products, so look at the brighter side and accommodate them.

Always be an edge above your customers with regards to your products. This will make them feel safe and secure to use your services and products. When you notice any flaws, be quick to address it. You can inform your customers about it and let them know what you did or what you are doing to rectify it. This will save you from the claws of your critics and also lessen disappointments and questions from your clients.

Don’t keep your customers on waiting for long. When they have queries or questions, always be quick at responding to them. By doing this your customer’s feel that they are really of importance to you and they will consider you a competent and reliable company. It is advisable as a company to always have someone ready to respond to your customers, be it on the help desk or on social media.

Be appreciative. Everyone wants to feel acknowledged including your customers because if it were not for them, your product will definitely be out of the market. You can do this by giving bonuses or discounts to a specific time interval. This will keep your customers on your side and at the same time win you more customers as they too may want to experience such treats in the future.

Maintain close friendship ties with your clients. A friend will definitely want to promote a fellow friend and with your customers as your friend, they will try maintain their loyalty to you and even sell you to other potential customers. You can convert your customers to customer friends by regularly communicating with them via calls or social media and finding out their ideas, queries and questions about your products. You don’t have to always wait for them to contact you, go that extra mile and contact them and this gesture will be appreciated by your customers.


Have knowledge of what your competitors are doing to maintain their customers. With this information you can strategize better forms that will make their customers migrate to your side. You can also polish on what they are not doing right to maintain their customers and once you attend to that which was neglected by your competitors in relation to customer management, their customers will turn to you as their better option. By doing his you stand to win more customers.  

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Valentine’s Vibe

Today I am feeling so bubbly; I guess it’s the valentine’s mood swinging in. Some guys do not see the need of celebrating Valentines but as for us the valenation (those who believe in celebrating valentines), we are going to take hold of this day to express our love to our significant other.

So as I was shopping for ideas and destinations for the valentines I came across a pool of great options and since I am so generous, I am willing to share them out with you.
For starters, no matter what activity we choose to do with our partner at the end of the day we will have to eat. Personally I wouldn’t want my food to be served the same way 
it would have been served on any other day that is not on February the 14th.

To start up my meal, a good appetizer would do. Personally I am a cake lady so having one before meal will just be great.

For those who are not cake fanatics like me you can try out other options of appetizers.

Now to my main meal; my oh my……I am a foodie. The more the options the better for me, I like having a taste of everything.

A specific meal can also work for me. The taste is allowed to be either equivalent or better than how it looks and nothing less.

I do appreciate simplicity but when someone uses my plate as a platform for food art, that will make me really excited. Don’t be surprised seeing taking a snap of my meal or sellfies with it(on extreme cases). Art is beautiful.

Alongside a delicious meal an exquisite drink is a must. Wine is my preference – a red one in particular.

 A nice chilly champagne can do as well.

We then wrap it up with a good dessert.

Ambiance is a key factor for a romantic date with your spouse (fiancé/boyfriend). It should be nothing less than perfect for the occasion.

Having your meal outside would be amazing. It helps spread attention from both of you and your meal to the lovely view of the landscape.

My valentine’s day doesn’t end with the nice meal. It must have a part II (the bedroom) which must me a heaven of love and romance to crown the day.

I can confidently recommend you to check out these places I have shared with you through the images. I am sure you will love them and your better half will as well. See you next week when I will be sharing with you my romantic experience of my valentine’s day.