Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Why Electronic Commerce?

Let me first start by creating a common ground on what Electronic Commerce, commonly known as E-Commerce is. It is the making of business transactions electronically via your mobile phone, internet, television or computer.

By default anything that serves a positive course tends to thrive and grow contrary to the inverse. The fact that electronic transaction has been embraced and with time people come up with tremendous ideas on how to improve it is clear proof that it serves a great need in the society.

E-commerce has come through to solve some loop holes of physical transactions as well as bring other advantages attached to it as explained below.

Saves on time and has no time limitations

With E-commerce, you are literally setting your business for an 24/7/365 flow of income. This is because your customers can make their transactions anytime - day or night. Go to bed at night and still make money as you sleep through the night. That is so cool! As a customer instead of driving around from one store to another, you get to save this time for more constructive things.
Enables you to take a good hold of your customers

Once a potential client visits your site, from his registration form and by placing cookies on his computer you can get good information about him and use it to communicate relevant messages. A good example is once you have a clue on what they are looking for, you can email them messages in line with it. From here you can have a fruitful conversation and end up winning them as your customer.

Ease of accessing information

Instead of stuffing your employees with information about every product that you are selling, you can just feed it on your E - Commerce website and your customers can access it from there.

Ease of comparison

As a customer, instead of roaming from one shop to the next so as tho compare the price of commodities, you can now do it with ease. You just need to log in to different e - commerce sites and there you are, you can make your comparisons. This not only enables you to do your price/product comparison with ease but also locate your product faster.

Lowers Cost

E - Commerce is the most cost effective way of doing business. First and fore most you don’t need a physical shop to be in business. You can sell at the comfort of your home hence you save on rent. As a business person the number of people you will need to run a physical shop is higher than the number of people you need to run an e - commerce website. The customer saves on cost as well. He doesn’t need to burn fuel to make it to a store to shop. He can comfortably shop at the comfort of his home.

This are just some of the many reasons why you should consider owning an e - commerce site as a vendor and making use of it as a customer. Its has a lot of advantages that i can not jot all of them down but the ones i have pointed out are among the major one.  

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