Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Why Electronic Commerce?

Let me first start by creating a common ground on what Electronic Commerce, commonly known as E-Commerce is. It is the making of business transactions electronically via your mobile phone, internet, television or computer.

By default anything that serves a positive course tends to thrive and grow contrary to the inverse. The fact that electronic transaction has been embraced and with time people come up with tremendous ideas on how to improve it is clear proof that it serves a great need in the society.

E-commerce has come through to solve some loop holes of physical transactions as well as bring other advantages attached to it as explained below.

Saves on time and has no time limitations

With E-commerce, you are literally setting your business for an 24/7/365 flow of income. This is because your customers can make their transactions anytime - day or night. Go to bed at night and still make money as you sleep through the night. That is so cool! As a customer instead of driving around from one store to another, you get to save this time for more constructive things.
Enables you to take a good hold of your customers

Once a potential client visits your site, from his registration form and by placing cookies on his computer you can get good information about him and use it to communicate relevant messages. A good example is once you have a clue on what they are looking for, you can email them messages in line with it. From here you can have a fruitful conversation and end up winning them as your customer.

Ease of accessing information

Instead of stuffing your employees with information about every product that you are selling, you can just feed it on your E - Commerce website and your customers can access it from there.

Ease of comparison

As a customer, instead of roaming from one shop to the next so as tho compare the price of commodities, you can now do it with ease. You just need to log in to different e - commerce sites and there you are, you can make your comparisons. This not only enables you to do your price/product comparison with ease but also locate your product faster.

Lowers Cost

E - Commerce is the most cost effective way of doing business. First and fore most you don’t need a physical shop to be in business. You can sell at the comfort of your home hence you save on rent. As a business person the number of people you will need to run a physical shop is higher than the number of people you need to run an e - commerce website. The customer saves on cost as well. He doesn’t need to burn fuel to make it to a store to shop. He can comfortably shop at the comfort of his home.

This are just some of the many reasons why you should consider owning an e - commerce site as a vendor and making use of it as a customer. Its has a lot of advantages that i can not jot all of them down but the ones i have pointed out are among the major one.  

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

My Business, My Money

Howdy my fellow business people. Waceke Nduati-Omanga is once again inviting you for a dose of business and financial knowledge. She is an amazing speaker and every time you listen to her you cannot help but grow wiser business wise.

Come and learn how to:

i. Raise Capital
ii. Manage money in your business
iii. Scale your business
iv. Fine tune your Entrepreneur mindset
v. And many more tips from her as well as a chance for you to network!

The event will take place on Wednesday the 27th of January 2016 at Pride Center Westlands from 8.00 AM to 11.30 PM. Advance tickets are only available at Ticketsasa for only sh 2,000.


NOTE: You can only get advance tickets before Wednesday 27th January 2016 at 12.00 AM.

Please see full terms and conditions.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

What an Ad Network is and what it entails.

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “Ad Network”? For most people, especially those not so much conversant with marketing will tell you it is something that involves advertising and a network. Now let me tell you from a professional perspective what an Ad Network is. An Advertising Network is a company that acts as a middle man between and advertiser and an advertising site. It links an ad space supply from a publisher to a matching advertiser’s demand.

I know you are wondering how all this works in details and that is exactly what I am going to explain to you.

For starters Ad Networks don’t include Television Ad Network or Print Ad Network, it exclusively include Online Ad Network. This means if I am an advertiser and i wish to advertise a product online, with the help of an Ad Network i will be able to be connected with an advertising site that are in sync with my specifications. The same happens on the other end of advertising site.

With high internet usage across the globe, it is more than evident that online advertising is more effective than any other form of advertising. With this in mind, ad Networks get good revenue since a high percentage of businesses advertise online.

There are large ad networks and small ad networks. For the large ones, they use premium brands and large numbers of impressions per month. Unbranded sites with fewer impressions may use small ad networks.

There are two types of ad networks:

First - tier:
They own advertisers and publishers and they do have high quality of traffic

Second - Tier: Don’t own as much advertisers and publishers as first - tier. Their main source of income comes from syndicating ads from other advertising networks.

If you are wondering what role the advertiser and publisher plays in this system then this is what happens. The advertiser pays for his online campaign and the publisher can join the ad network in order to get ads displayed on their sites and payments are made based on adverts paid per impression or cost per click.

Publishers should ensure that their site’s design and content are of good standards. As a publisher you will own an administration page from which you will be able to check your site’s performance, select your campaign of choice that you want displayed on your site as well as view the payment history.

Advertisers should look for ad networks that provide complimentary audience composition, reach and frequency. They should also be able to measure the impact in the efficiency of your overall online brand marketing objectives.

 Pamoja Media East Africa does own an ad network that gives you access to the digital audience across Africa’s leading markets as well as North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. It also allows you to control every aspect of your ad space - pricing, ad space creation, advertiser approval and payment options.

There are a lot of advantages that comes with choosing Pamoja Media Ad Network as your ad network of choice. I will not say it all in details on this platform but have a look at in on

Friday, 15 January 2016

Find the best hotels for your vacation

When going on a vacation one  always tries to choose a luxury hotel that suits their needs. Most people are however not  aware of the different services that a good hotel should have in order to make their stay as comfortable and relaxing at it should be. Here are a couple of things you should consider when shopping for a hotel.

History of the hotel

Some hotels are built to quench necessitate while others have a unique history on how they came into existence. For example hotels found near Fort Jesus or Lamu in Kenya  have rich history related to them.

Hotel service

One of the major reasons why you will pay a hotel a second visit and recommend it to your friends or never visit it again and discourage you friends is the nature of the service you get. If the stuff are welcoming and friendly people who are diligent on their work and are more than willing to serve you then you are guaranteed of a good comfortable stay.
Activities present

When choosing a hotel, try find out the kind of fun activities that are present so that you don’t end up bored or disappointing. For instance, if you are someone who isn’t into wild animals but enjoys the beach, instead of going to lodges in parks you can visit hotels along the coast.

Quality of food

Food is something vital in the  hotel industry. No one will want to be in a good classy hotel with pathetic food. Good quality foods does have an impact on you especially if you want to just have a good  time and relax. It is one of the relaxing agents.


The location of a hotel is a very important factor. Some are located in the cold mountainous areas, others in the warm coastal regions, others surrounded by wild animals within game parks. Depending on where suits you best, you can get a nice hotel that will give you the comfort you need.

Hotel Rules

Some hotels don’t allow children below five years of age, others don’t allow pets plus many other rules. As you choose your destination hotel make sure you are aware of their rules and regulations of service. This way you will be aware of everything and prevent feeling inconvenienced in any way or clash with the hotel management.

With all this put into consideration as you shop for a hotel destination you will be guaranteed of everything flowing smoothly and you will get the serenity and relaxation you need.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Afro Cupid 2016

February is a few days a way and that means Valentines is around the corner. Dear lovebirds I have something exciting for you on the day before Valentines. It is a perfect occasion for you and your better half to celebrate your love.

Annually presented by Imani Bijou Creations, this is an exclusive romantic dinner & fashion show under the stars with a night overview of the city at the Best Western Premier Hotel Rooftop. Ambiance music, poetry and a mini- love bird exhibition will also make the evening complete. 

Special guest: Regina- Re

The ticket is inclusive of buffet dinner, welcome drinks & chocolate

The event goes down on Saturday the 13th February 2016 from 7.00 PM to 11.00 PM at Best Western Premier Hotel. Advance tickets are available at Ticketsasa for only Ksh 3,500.


Note: You can only get advance tickets before 5.00 PM on Saturday the 13th of February 2016.
Please see full terms and conditions.