Monday, 14 December 2015

The African Sun Advertising Festival

The African Sun Advertising Festival (ASAF 2015) recognizes the most outstanding individual creative contributions to the field of advertising and its related disciplines across the continent.

It offers creative professionals in advertising the opportunity to display their best and most original work, and thereby expose Africa’s distinct creative talent to the world. 
At the same time, ASAF gives opportunity to players in advertising and communications to participate through exhibition
The festival will take place on Thursday the 17th of December 2015 at the Kenya National Theatre (KNT). Advance tickets are available at Ticketsasa for sh 3,000.00 only.


Tickets will only be available before Wednesday           16th December 2015 at 12.00am.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Website Optimization.

Website optimization basically is the process of driving visitors to a particular website and converting them to customers and it is very important if you want to achieve your business’s goals. It literally helps you study you visitors behaviour once they are on your site and from that you can read their psychology and come up with a strategy of presenting to them what they want, when they want it and gaining their trust hence making them become your customers.

Just as I said earlier, Website optimization is a process and below i will take you through that process step by step.


1.Conduct a Keyword research

This entails finding key words that have the right amount of competition; preferably low to medium and will help drive traffic to your site. I can recommend that you use Google Adward tool to do your keyword research.

2.Content Optimization

This entails essential data that is of good grammar, adequate length and comprehensively explains what your website and business is all about. According to research, the longer your post the higher it ranks. You should therefore make your posts long enough. Excessively long post may tend to bore the reader before you are done informing them on what you had prepared for them.

3.Strategic positioning of keywords.

As you use keywords on your content, place them in a manner that they appear natural and are in-sync with your content. This will create a good flow as the reader reads through your content.

4.Perform and A/B Testing

This involves having two versions of a web-page and letting visitors of the same nature visit both. The one that wins you most conversions is the go for one. It basically helps you know what types of design, colour, content etc persuades visitor to buy your product or service.

5.Split testing

This is a controlled experiment aimed at improving a website’s metric. A site’s incoming traffic to a website is distributed between the original and different variations without the visitor’s knowledge. The tester then gets statistical difference in behaviour and the version with the greatest improvement is used. 

6.Multivariate testing

This test changes multiples elements of a website or a mobile application e.g a headline and a picture at the same time. Two variations of the images and two variations of the headline are combined to create six versions of the content which are concurrently tested to find the best of the six which will be the one that will be adopted. 

7.Website tracking

This involves tracking your visitor’s activities on your website. From this you can have a rough idea of what attracts most of your visitors and what triggers them to leave without having bought your product. With this information you can know how best to redesign your site or offers in order to get maximum conversions.

This tips will help convert your visitors to customers. In a nutshell, website optimization involves a lot of activities that are aimed at studying the behaviour of people who visit your site, reading their mind without them knowing and placing the grounds right for them to buy your product or service.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Importance of taking a Vacation

After all the hustle you go through on a daily basis in order to make money, it is appropriate to take some rest to rejuvenate yourself. Weekends is not enough time to refresh your mind, body and soul. You need to go on vacations once in a while to revive your energy and relax. Below are reasons why you should include vacations in your yearly calendar plan.

Increase your life span. 

Research by the State University of New York has proven that people who go on yearly vacations reduce their chance of death by 20%. You therefore gain more years alive just by going out to relax; what a benefit!

Be happy

People who take time off from work tend to be happier.  This is because by going out and visiting different places and getting new experiences tend to reduce your stress levels. Don’t release your stress on your wife, employees, children etc. Just take a break and relax.

Get inspired

With vacation comes new experiences and meeting different people from which you can draw ideas from. It also relaxes your mind to think broadly and deeply. Your office may be too monotonous for you to think straight. Go out there and formulate new concepts as you have fun and relax.

Give your brain a break

Just as your body needs to rest so does your brain. The best way to give your brain recess is by travelling and exploring new places. Your brain will tend to function better after a nice vacation. Try it and watch yourself perform better in your daily activities.
Explore the world

There are a lot of beautiful, animals, plants and places out there, take the initiative to travel and appreciate what different places have to offer. These things are here for us to enjoy, if you don’t who will?

Learn new things

As you go on holiday, you will learn new things about different places, cultures and traditions. What you learn may be of benefit to you back at the office or it may add up to your general knowledge.

Work with no play will definitely make you a dull person. You stand to gain a lot in terms of your career and health when you go on vacations. For that sole reason do not overlook your holidays. Park up your bags, travel and explore the world.

Now you have a reason top go on holiday and enjoy yourself this festive season. Have a look at Ticketsasa Kenya.The have affordable holiday packages for you and your family. In addition to that, through their Jaza jaza Kenya offer, you can pay for your holiday in three instalments. Merry Christmas.

City under the Sun

Nairobi is the city under the sun. It is the capital city of Kenya and is geographically located between the other two cities in Kenya, Mombasa and Kisumu. Nairobi has a lot of beautiful things about it; from the good mild climate it enjoys, a game reserve where you can easily visit the wild animals, mixed friendly society, good investing and working environment etc.

The architecture in Nairobi is one of a kind. Its a city that expresses and embraces art through its architecture and what better way to bring it out than through photography! Africa Knows has taken the initiative to give you African Royalty Free Images via Nairobi’s architecture.

 Talk about being unique, you will definately get that in Nairobi. Its buildings are made out of well thought designs that depict it native African origin. The Kenya International Conference Center is a good example.The building borrow’s its design from the traditional african hut.

The statues of Kenyan heroes uses art to communicate to the current generation about their country’s history. Good example is the statue of Tom Mboya on Tom Mboya Street, statue of Dedan Kimathi on Kimathi street, statue of Kenya’s first president - Mzee Jommo Kenyatta at KICC and the one below on Kenyatta avenue. Statues like the one at the Supreme Court of Kenya is not one of Kenya’s heroes but an artistic expression of art.

When the sun sets, the city maintains its beauty. The only thing that changes is that its allure is taken to a whole new leval with building and street lights.

Nairobi hosts the greatest Super highway in East and Central Africa - the Thika Super Highway. It is the busiest road in East and Central Africa and it has opened great channels of opportunities to the locals.

This is what i call a perfect and beautiful city.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

You want to boost your business? Here is how using a landing page will help You

A landing page is a location on the internet or a page on the web whose main purpose is to to be selected by potential clients through promotional content. This page has forms through which visitors information can be captured and it is aimed at strengthen links and sales for a business. Having a landing page will benefit you in the following ways:
They create a home for your offers.
As a business person having a landing page will give you a platform to which you can post your offers to your clients. This boosts your interaction with your your customers and your able to lure them to use your products.

Enables you create new leads and through them, you can can expand you business.
You can also use your existing leads to track back your conversations and through this, you are able to weigh which of your clients are your potential business partners. It also enables you to collect adequate information on the activities of your potential sales contacts on your website which will help your sales team in their sales process.

It catalyses your marketing mediums.
What you say to your visitors about your products or services determines your potential to convert them into loyal clients. Landing pages will definitely favour you as it gives the opportunity to write contents about your products. This gives you the platform to entice your visitors to use your products at the same time inform them about your company and your products.
It gives you information about the size of your prospects.
Your sales team is able to collect valuable information about your potential clients after every conversation on your landing page. You are able to know your products attract which type of visitors and be able to know which type of offers may win you clients of that similar type. In summery, it makes your content optimization easy. 

It creates other leads
. It enables you capture other companies emails and social media to their home pages. With this you stand to benefit as you can easily get the required information about other companies and at the same time be able to convert them to potential clients.
It enables you know if your marketing offers are yielding any fruits and if they are, is the yield good or average
. By tracking and analyzing your market performance you can be able to gauge your marketing performance and how effective they are. This can enable you know what you need to change or upgrade in relation to your marketing strategy in order to get to the heights that you desire.

It vastens your marketing.
Landing pages enables you to use the internet to inform visitors regardless of their locality, of your products. A satisfying information that can persuade a visitor to use your products is all that is needed to convert him or her into a potential business client.