Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Importance of Photography

Photography....Photography.....photography! What is photography?
If you ask me, it is the art of producing an image of an object on a sensitized surfaces using some lighting principle. Photography is a very essential art in our lives and below are some of its importance.

They communicate whats is significant and treasured to us.

I can bet on my life that if you happen to attend an event that is considered important, you will come across a couple of people with cameras ready to take photos. Events like graduations, weddings, Funerals etc are of great significance in our lives and we all want to preserve that memory. The best way to do so is to take a snap of the moment and you will have it with you for the rest of your life. The same applies to objects that we treasure or like a lot.

 Photos serve as evidence.

Snapshots have been used a countless number of times to serve as evidence. This is because they take hold of the moment exactly the way it is. In court rooms a photo can go a long way in proving if someone is guilty or innocent.

They act as a voice to communicate.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Flickr etc are good examples of how people use images to communicate. Someone doesn’t have to tell you they are in New York but the moment you see the statue of Liberty on the back ground of their photo that will be enough to tell you where they are. Some people are fond of communicating how they feel using images. For example the image below communicates that someone feels lost or lonely.

It is a way of expression.

There is taking snapshots and there is photography. Everyone can take a snapshot but photography is an art. It requires right lighting, sharp angles, clarity,a good camera, outstanding focus, a talented photographer etc. One has to learn and master the art of photography. Below is an example of an artistic image.

Images are attention grabbers

Try posting two articles with the same content. On one include images and on the other let it be purely text. By default more people will read the the one that contains images because it creates an illusion that it is much more interesting. When you want to sell something, images will be your best friend because the better the images you use the more attention you will attract. For example the image below will really sell to someone who is looking forward to going on a beach holiday.



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