Thursday, 29 October 2015

Ways to improve your visual branding on Twitter.

Visual branding is all about creating a feeling and an image that your target audience can relate to you every time they see it. Most people tend to get confused between branding and marketing. Marketing is the first step towards creating a brand. Good marketing will get you a customer but good branding will get you a regular customer.

Branding is therefore an important tool for any business venture. A strong brand will definitely barricade your potential competitors from outdoing you. I will focus on branding on social media but most specifically on twitter. Below are ways to improve your visual branding on Twitter.

First and fore most, make use of image. The human brain processes images much more faster than texts. This means that with images you will communicate faster to your target audience compared to text. Pictures will easily attract someone to checking out your post.

Quality images. Its hard for someone to go past a good image without wanting to see what message it has. A pixelated image with poor coloring, lighting and shades, no resolution, bad exposure etc will definitely be a turn off to your audience.

Simplicity. Don’t have too much going on on a single image. The viewer might get confused or get the wrong message. 

Consistency especially on the part of your logo. When you keep on changing your audience will get confused and won’t know what to relate to you. A good example is twitter itself. The moment you see a white dove you will link whatever you are seeing to twitter. This is because twitter consistently uses the white dove, it has never changed to a red eagle or pink owl.

Use captivating copies on your images. Let your wording lure the reader into wanting to find out more about you or about your product or service and even consider buying it.

Let your copy be precise and straight to the point. This way you will have communicated to your reader before they start getting bored of reading. Your copy should also be in sync with your image. If the two conflict it will only communicate how confused you are and no one wants to buy products from someone who is confused or doesn’t know how well to express themselves on social media.

The above tips will surely guide you into building a good visual brand on twitter. Keep in mind that a good brand goes a long way in determining the growth of your business venture and it helps keep your competitors at bay. 

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Out of Africa International Film Festival
The most exhilarating International Film Festival is happening in Nairobi, Kenya on 30th, 31st October and 1st of November, 2015 at the National Museums of Kenya (NMK). This is an exciting 3 day events filled with such memorable events. 

Out of Africa International Film Festival (OOAIFF) is a celebration of cinema that includes Movie premieres, Tributes to stars and directors, while experiencing Red Carpet Glitz and Glamour excitement.

30th October – Film Screenings (9am – 2pm) Opening Ceremony (6pm - 10pm )
31st October Film market – Film Screenings, Workshops, Lots of Food and Drinks, Entertainment,  Crafts etc  – All day event (9am – 10pm)  1st November - AWARDS and GALA Night (4pm – 10pm)

Tickets are available at Ticketsasa on the following rates:

30TH OCT DAY TICKET                                                 Kshs 500.00
Closes on Friday, 30th Oct, 2015 @ 11:59 pm

3 DAY TICKET                                                               Kshs 1,300.00
Closes on Friday, 30th Oct, 2015 @ 11:59 pm

31ST OCT DAY TICKET                                                  Kshs 500.00
Closes on Friday, 30th Oct, 2015 @ 11:59 pm

1ST NOV DAY TICKET                                                   Kshs 500.00
Closes on Friday, 30th Oct, 2015 @ 11:59 pm

Please see full terms and conditions.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Tips on how to take good photos on African safaris

A good scene has to be captured. You don’t get to frequently tour and see the wild animals and if you do, i am sure everyday spent with the wild animals is unique. Moments in the wild are amazing and i will be giving you tips on how best capture them.
First and foremost you should make your timing right. I would prefer morning sunrise and evening sunset. Imagine a good landscape image that captures a cheetah on an acacia tree! At this our the sun is usually brightening and it will give you that nice olden effect.

Get a roll-top truck. This will give you enough space to take a snap while still in the car as you move around in the wild.

I will advice you use a digital camera. This is because it will enable you to instantly view your image and from there, you can know weather to shift your angle, adjust your camera’s sharpness etc. In order to get the perfect photo you want.

Carry extra batteries and enough memory cards. I am sure you don’t wanna miss a good scene just because you are out of charge. Some campsites use generators and that might not be enough to charge your camera or there might be usage restrictions. Memory cards will give you extra space to store your images. Every image is unique so don’t be forced to delete some so as to capture more pictures.

Make your focus dynamic. Yes you do want to capture the animals but the surrounding does matter as well. Make your images look as natural as they can possibly be. You can capture the images in different angles using different effects as long as you keep it natural and appealing.
You will not be the only one taking a photo. You should therefore be able to position yourself well enough to capture a good image without any obstructions in such a scenario.

Don’t be caught up in the moment. Remember these are wild animals and they can strike anytime. As you do your close ups and your animal model is so cooperative, don’t be tempted to get comfortable. Don’t trade your safety for a breath-taking snap.

Focus on the eye. They eyes are the windows to the soul. This applies to animals as well. Taking an image that focuses on the eyes makes you feel connected to that creature every time you will look at that photo.

Don’t limit your shoots to daytime. Action goes down at night for nocturnal animals. Have your camera on standby to capture what goes down under the stars when the sun is absent.

With this tips i assure you that your images will be up to standard and will have enjoyed your safari as well a captured good memories. Africa is the home of mother nature and it is unique. African images can not be confused for any other place in the world.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Made In Kisumu

Made in Kisumu brings the finest musicians in Kenya together with world-renowned artists and innovators for a week of workshops, music, film, art, and mentor ship.

One Vibe Africa is the organizer of Made In Kisumu, and also a nonprofit organization started in Kisumu to empower disadvantaged youth by providing music and arts classes, which inspire them to develop their artistic talents and avoid negative activities. 

One Vibe is also the organizer of the annual Madaraka Festival held at the EMP Museum in Seattle, Washington. One Vibe’s programs build a bridge between Kisumu and Seattle through music, art, and cultural activities.

The event goes down on Saturday the 24th of October 2015 at Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground. Advance tickets are available at Ticketsasa. These are the rates: 

Advance Tickests – Ksh 200.00

Advance VIP Tickets – Ksh 2,000.00

Advance VVIP Tickets – Ksh 3,000.00

Advance tickets will be available before 24th October 2015 at 9.00 am. Please see full terms and conditions.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Email marketing

With the introduction of internet into the world, marketing also got transformed from physical marketing like billboards and Television commercial breaks to internet marketing. There are many types f internet marketing but we will solely focus on email marketing.

Email marketing is the use of electronic mail as a platform to communicate in a manner that convinces your audience to buy your goods or service. There are a couple of reasons that make email marketing a conducive platform for someone to market themselves. They includes:

Cost: Email marketing is cheap compared to other form of advertising. You will spend little money to send emails to a group of people than to put up a billboard or an advert on the daily s.

Direct: With email marketing, you directly email your target audience. It gives you an avenue for a one on one communication hence chances of a successful advertising are high.

Measureability: Thanks to today’s technology you can track responses to your emails and with that you can know weather or not your campaign is on the right track or not..

Effective: Most if not everyone checks their email on a daily basis. This means probability of your message reaching your recipient without being ignored is very high. 
For successful email advertising you should put the following into consideration.
Creativity: The overall design and look of your email; from the choice of words used to how text have been arranged and the quality of images used if there is any is very important.It can determine is someone will read it to the end or just the introduction and ignore the mail.

Relevance: As you draft your email, make sure it well sound relevant to your recipient.

Good timing: Send your mail at convenient time so as to ensure your audience receives the mail as they go about their daily activities. Don’t email them at night when they are a sleep.

Have a landing page: A landing page is where you will direct your audience to.Having a landing page is good since it takes your visitor to the exact place you want them to be and it directs them to the exact task you want them to do.

Most people are not that patient. Some will read the introduction to have an idea of what the email is about then ignore the rest and look for links that will take them to the landing page. Others will read the entire email then click on the links while others will not read at all but will click on the links directly to the landing page. To capture all these three different types of personalities, it is best that you evenly distribute your links or make sure they appear on the first or second paragraph.

Email marketing has more advantages than disadvantages. You should therefore  make a point to integrate it as a form of internet marketing.    

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Nairobi Fashion Market IX Edition

Fashion lovers I have a gift for you! This is what you have always wished for and I will finally grant you your wish. The Nairobi Fashion Market IX Edition is finally here. Come explore and check out new fashion trends and have a look at emerging trends

Bring your friends and family as there is a lot in store for you. Come expecting

Fresh New Energy in terms of Fashion.

New designers, New ideas.

Lot's of Shopping

Live Music and Fashion Shows

What's trending in Africa and all over the world

Nairobi's Fashion Culture Revealed

Giveaways every hour.

The event goes down on Saturday and Sunday the 17th and 18th of October 2015 from 12.00PM - 6.00PM at Ngong Racecourse. Advance tickets are available at Ticketsasa for only sh300.


You can only get advance tickets before 17th October 2015 at 10.00 AM.
Please see full terms and conditions.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Importance of Photography! What is photography?
If you ask me, it is the art of producing an image of an object on a sensitized surfaces using some lighting principle. Photography is a very essential art in our lives and below are some of its importance.

They communicate whats is significant and treasured to us.

I can bet on my life that if you happen to attend an event that is considered important, you will come across a couple of people with cameras ready to take photos. Events like graduations, weddings, Funerals etc are of great significance in our lives and we all want to preserve that memory. The best way to do so is to take a snap of the moment and you will have it with you for the rest of your life. The same applies to objects that we treasure or like a lot.

 Photos serve as evidence.

Snapshots have been used a countless number of times to serve as evidence. This is because they take hold of the moment exactly the way it is. In court rooms a photo can go a long way in proving if someone is guilty or innocent.

They act as a voice to communicate.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Flickr etc are good examples of how people use images to communicate. Someone doesn’t have to tell you they are in New York but the moment you see the statue of Liberty on the back ground of their photo that will be enough to tell you where they are. Some people are fond of communicating how they feel using images. For example the image below communicates that someone feels lost or lonely.

It is a way of expression.

There is taking snapshots and there is photography. Everyone can take a snapshot but photography is an art. It requires right lighting, sharp angles, clarity,a good camera, outstanding focus, a talented photographer etc. One has to learn and master the art of photography. Below is an example of an artistic image.

Images are attention grabbers

Try posting two articles with the same content. On one include images and on the other let it be purely text. By default more people will read the the one that contains images because it creates an illusion that it is much more interesting. When you want to sell something, images will be your best friend because the better the images you use the more attention you will attract. For example the image below will really sell to someone who is looking forward to going on a beach holiday.


Friday, 9 October 2015

The OLX SoMA Awards

For the third time running SOMA Awards has been supported by OLX as the Title sponsor. The awards have continued to impact individuals and organizations. The Third Annual OLX SOMA Awards will be guided by the theme “Social Media for Economic Empowerment.”

SOMA team has also introduced new platforms designed to engage different groups in the market for a better experience

SOMA Awards is an annual event that is geared towards identifying those who use Social Media to positively impact the society. It brings together different social media enthusiasts and organizations to celebrate the tremendous contribution brought about by Social Media. 

The event goes down on Saturday the 10th of October 2015 from 3.00 PM to 12.00 at Safaricom Indoor Arena. Advance tickets are available at Ticketsasa for only Ksh 500.00.

Note: You can only get advance tickets before 12.00 PM on Saturday the 10th of October 2015.
Please see full terms and conditions.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Worst travel advice

Some people have practically never been on a vacation either because of the myths and don’t that they have read or heard. Others find it being unnecessary but truth is, even medics have proven it that your body does need to relax in a different serene environment. Here are a few do not and how you should do them right for an ultimate vacation.

1. Keep off alcohol

Drinking when you are out on a vacation is not bad at all. You can explore the bars and night clubs of where you are. I am sure they have a thing or two different from what you are used to back at home. How ever, it will be wise of you to do it with a couple of friends, this basically means it has to be a group vacation in the first place. Friends that you make when out on tour can’t be trusted 100% because you don’t know their background that well. What you know is based on what you are told. Clubing as a group is safer because these are people you know and you will of course look after each other. If you have to be out drinking a lone. Make sure you know the state of security of that place, how to get your self back to your hotel room and make sure you don’t get drunk or you pass out.

2. You are unique and what someone likes may be different from what you like.

Most people will of course try to find out a bout a place before they visit. The best way to do this is by reading what other people think about that place. The danger of doing this is that your expectations might not be met and this will lead to lots of disappointments. What you should do instead is get the facts about the place then and only expect what your instincts tell you.

3. Travel naysayers

Thinking that you got to much work, you have to go to school, you have to invest and build an empire instead of wasting money on vacations etc. There are a million naysayers that make you think going on a vacation is not a wise choice. Paying attention to this means you will never go on holiday. Life is short and you should surely enjoy it. Give the naysayers a break, travel and enjoy life. But do not over do not over do it till you end up forgetting your responsibilities.

4. Booking hotels

Some will tell you to book a hotel in advance while others will tell you to book on arrival. Booking of rooms might work for someone depending on where you are and how long your stay is. A wise way to go about this is depending on how long your stay is and your destination, you can weigh your options and see which way it will work best for you. 

These are just but a few of the myths and misconceptions of traveling. Everyone expects a relaxing vacation and the only way to do so is to plan well in advance. Your plan is as good as the facts you have about your destination.