Monday, 3 August 2015

Online Transactions

The world is currently going through digital revolution as a result of man finding a way to manipulate technology to make his life easier and more interesting. Yes, easier is the word. Transactions done online are:

Picture yourself going to buy a car worth ten million Kenya shillings (equivalent to roughly a hundred thousand US dollars) and you have to do it manually. Obviously you will feel insecure and someone may attack you and rob you off that money once they now that you are carrying such a huge amount of money. Electronic transaction therefore plays a huge role in ensuring security during transactions especially when dealing with huge sums of money.

Saves on time
Everyone wants services that may be able to make their work easy and saves on time. For example every time schools are reopening most parents spend a great portion of their time flocking in banks and making endless queues in order to pay school fees. Why trouble yourself to this extent! With PesaPal not only will you be able to pay school fees online but you can pay your bills, buy tickets to events and shop online.

How easy can this be! Just with a click on a button or a tap on your smart phone screen you are able to pay your bills on time from anywhere any time. This means you are able to run your daily errant and make school fees payments, shop or pay your bills any time you wish to do so.

Broad audience
For business persons, being found online and enabling your customers be able to shop online is a great business boost for you. This is because most people spend a great portion of their time online. This will obviously be the best platform to market yourself as well as enable your customers to shop from anywhere any time. This in a way makes your business 24hr enterprise; which only means more profits. 

Technology is advancing for the betterment of human beings. Be the smart one, embrace this advancements and use it to your advantage. There is no better way to handle your money and be served efficiently other than through online transaction

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