Monday, 13 July 2015

Reasons you should invest in social media.

Businessmen have moved away from the true idea of success behind social media marketing, the thing that we forget is the fact that it hasn’t changed. Its right there where it should be and we just need to get closer to the idea of success that comes with investing in it.

#1 the major problem
Marketers have a wrong perception about social media, they tend to think they are going to get rich overnight. Well… I wouldn’t want to throw a blame on them because it is the perception they build from the sales pages which teaches them some high pressure sales pages instead of showing them the truth of how it should be like.
This problem usually happens to starters in the marketing world on social. Well, don’t worry because the best marketers sense this and in the end they change their game to where social needs to go. Since this is a problem that starters encounter then, you really need to invest in it because if you don’t, you will never get your foot in the door.

# throwing yourself in their work
Social media will most definitely sound difficult to anyone to grasp at first if they happen to be concentrating on the problem above. It is the same problem that occurs with bloggers that prompts them to give up.
The thing is that you need to forget about the business bit g focus on how to be consistent and helpful to the people you are targeting.

# investing in a visibility and consistence
You need to find a platform that is your favorite and become visible to these people. Visibility comes in different forms but the major trick is that you need to be helpful and consistent. Just as Woody Allen puts it; 80% of success is simply showing up.
Final thought
Social media is the brunt of any great online strategy. It’s where the people are, and you already know that people are going to help you become successful. If one would have their heart and mind aligned together, trust your gut and watch the people, you will start to see your social media strategy rise to the top. It will take you a while before you start to see major changes but this is a game that is won in inches.

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