Monday, 20 July 2015

Reasons why Kenya is an ideal holiday destination

Kenya is a beautiful country located on the east of Africa. It has fascinating features that those who have already had a taste of it can’t help but make a date with Kenya every holiday. There are a lot of reasons that makes the country outstanding and go to destination. Let me highlight some of this reasons for you.

For starters the country hosts beautiful sceneries that will leave you amazed. From the beautiful sight of the snow caped Mt.Kenya, its Crater Lake and outstanding peaks. This can be an ideal romantic getaway for you and your better half. The Great Rift Valley is a breath taking site thanks to nature. The lovely pink flamingos at Lake Nakuru five an interesting scene of the lake. These are just but a few of the lovely sceneries housed by Kenya.

Kenya’s history gave rise to unique historical sites that has surely attracted people from different parts of the world. The Fort Jesus in Mombasa which was built by the Portuguese in 1591 and holds great historical story of activities it hosted in the early ears. The Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi was built to preserve and promote the Kenyan culture and heritage.  Here at the Bomas you get to see the traditional houses of different Kenyan communities as well as get entertained to their traditional songs and dances. The Gedi Ruins, Takwa Ruins, Vasco Do Gamma Pillar, Koobi Fora, Lamu Old Town, Crying Rocks, National Archives etc are places that hold rich historical background and you should definitely check them out.

A good taste of the wild. Seeing wild animals on Nat Geo Wild and actually seeing them in real life are two different experiences. Watching wild animals do their thing on television is fascinating, you can only imagine being there and witnessing with your naked eyes! The thought of it is amazing. This explains why millions of people come from everywhere across the world just to mingle with these animates.  Don’t be left behind! From the Mara to Tsavo, Amboseli to Nairobi National Park, Hell’s Gate National Park to Laikipia Conservancy just to mention but a few. These are the residence of these wonderful creature and each destination has its unique sense of style services and luxury.
White sands and blue waters at the coast for your beach holidays. The welcoming coastal environment makes you want to lose your clothes and get refreshed by the cool ocean water of sprawl under the warm sun. There are also a lot of fun water activities you can indulge in. From surfing to scuba diving, fishing etc. You will also get treated tasty coastal cuisine and culture. 

These are just but a few reasons why Kenya must be on your places to visit list. It will surely make your holiday a relaxing, enjoyable, fun, educative and one that is not worth not forgetting.

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