Thursday, 2 July 2015

Holidays in Kenya

Tourism is Kenya’s biggest foreign exchange earner. This statement alone is enough to make you be curious and want to know what it is about Kenya that attracts tourists that much. It simply tells you that Kenya has amazing holiday destinations that will blow your mind off. From Luxurious hotels, beautiful wild animals, breath taking sceneries, relaxing beaches etc and the list is endless. Let’s explore various reasons why you should consider Kenya for your Vacation.

Rich cultures.
Kenya is a country housing 42 tribes and all of this tribes have their own cultures. Vacation is not all about sitting around, relaxing and having fun, it also entails new experiences and learning different cultures from the place you are visiting. For instance at the Maasai Mara, you get to learn and experience the Maasai culture and also interact with them.

Wonderful cuisine
Your tongue too needs to go on a break and taste different delicious meals. Depending on the locality of the hotel you are visiting, you will get the privilege to enjoy a great variety of Kenyan dishes which will leave you begging for more.

Enjoyable historical experience.
History brings with it its own fascinations and it is exciting learning about things that happened in the earlier years. Places like Gedi ruins, Fort Jesus, The Vasco Da gamma pillar at the coast have historical trails attached to them. You can also learn about the early man and see samples of him at the Koobi Fora National Museum in Turukana.

Beautiful sceneries
Nature itself has proven to be attractive and there are lots of places in Kenya that are naturally beautiful. A view of the ice caped Mount Kenya, flamingos at Lake Nakuru, the great Rift Valley, hell’s gate just to mention but a few are examples of places you may not want to miss to visit. The sight of these places is enough to kiss your stress away and give you the relaxation you need.

Fun and Enjoyable outdoor activities
Holiday is not all about lazing around and sprawling under the sun, playing or enjoying certain sports is not only healthy but fun and will help free you from any pressure. Kenya offers a lot of holiday sports like scuba diving, surfing, fishing  at the coast, climbing Mount Kenya, playing Golf at the Rift valley etc.

The ones mentioned above are just but a few of the reasons why you should visit Kenya. The country has a lot to offer and you are guaranteed of a peaceful relaxing experience.  Welcome to Kenya!

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