Monday, 22 June 2015

Shop safe with secure Payment Systems

Why carry money around if want to buy commodities and stand the risk of being robbed and in the process get injured or killed? Technology has a safer solution for you. With e-commerce you can shop for goods and services without handling physical money. Here are a couple of online payment platforms and how they work.

This is an electronic payment system for online transactions. It allows customers who own bank accounts be able to receive and make payments electronically. This system is however highly applicable in Vietnam.

It is a widely used e-commerce method worldwide. It allows users be able to send and receive money globally regardless of the currency they are using. Transactions are however not for free; fees are charged depending on the country both the sender and recipient are in and the currency being used.

Net bank
This system is only applicable to consumers who own accounts that are enabled with internet banking. This system allows you the user to choose the bank which you wish to pay from then redirect the bank website where you can authenticate yourself and approve the payment. This system frees you from having to enter your card details on the purchaser’s site and it is considered safer.

It works well with tech startups such as living social. It is an online payment getaway that facilitates e-commerce and for a merchant to be able to get payments through it. He or she should first create an account with Braintree. Services are however not for free. There is a transaction fee of 2.9% per transaction.

We Pay
It is a payment processor that allows internet merchants to accept credit cards and bank account Payments online. Through its e-store page, customers’ queries are able to be addressed and it also helps customers to easily and conveniently take in payments. For bank transaction payments they charge 0.50$ and 3.5% per credit card transaction.

2check out
It is also another platform that supports e- shopping. It combines payment getaways with retailer’s account allowing consumers to receive both credit card payments as well as PayPal payments. With this service you get charged 3.99% plus 0.45$ transaction fees and a monthly service fee of 10.99$

By the mare fact that you don’t need to carry physical money when shopping with online payment system makes it safe. Chances of a customer being conned are also minimum compared to physical shopping since a lot of details and security checks are done to ensure the correct amount of money gets to the right person. Therefore, choose the secure shopping method and shop safe.

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