Thursday, 25 June 2015

How to create a landing page

A landing page is a web page that a visitor land on once he clicks on a URL or lead from another web page. Landing pages are important since they help you be able to capture a visitor’s information. They also help you be able to capture a particular target of audience, be it the ones who click on your banner ads, those who click on pay-per-click ads on webinar etc. Here are steps on how to create a landing page.

The foundation of creating a good landing page is identifying your target audience. This is the only best way you will be able to best satisfy their needs and capture their attention. This step is vital and skipping it is practically doing zero work because you will get it wrong all through and you will create a landing page, though it will not effectively serve its purpose.

After you are aware of your target audience, you should now figure out the right keywords to use.  Your choice of keywords should be in sync with your audience’s persona.  When you use effective keywords you will be able to gain more visitors to your leads and this will be to your advantage.

Use images. The human mind tends to be more excited with images more than texts. You should use this fact to your gain and come up with images that you will be able to use in orders to communicate the desired message to your audience. The more attractive and informative your images are the more visits to your landing page.

Your landing page’s headline is very important. The best way to come up with a headline that will capture your visitors’ attention is to read their minds and know what they are looking for and why they are looking for it. With this you will be able to attract more visitors to your landing page hence achieve your desired goal.

Satisfy your visitors’ objections. You should be able to think ahead of your audience and be able to know how well to handle the objections they may have. This is very important since if you fail to handle their disapproval well, they will lose confidence you and automatically this will be a loss to you.

With a good landing page you are able to efficiently deliver to your target audience as well as enable your visitors be able to download content offers or sign into offers. Landing pages are a very important for organizations since from them you are able to convert your visitors into leads. Following these steps will indeed help you create an efficient landing page.

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