Friday, 12 June 2015

Guide to online payment systems

Necessity truly is the mother of invention. As the world advances people have become more preoccupied with whatever it is they do. There is need to invest more of your time in other things to the extent that you may not have ample time to go for shopping , pay your bills ,visit the  bank to pay your child’s school fees etc. This created a need to come up with a system that will be convenient for people to access certain services with ease. Today you can pay your school fees, bills, buy tickets to events, top up your airtime and shop online. Here is a guide to online payment system when Using PesaPal

For starters you need to register with PesaPal and own an account with them. This will serve as your entry point.  All you need to do is visit PesaPal’s website and from there follow the instructions that will help you successfully own an account.
From here now you are free to use PesaPal for whatever services that you wish to. Be it paying of school fees, bills, purchasing airtime, purchasing tickets to events, shopping etc. All these transactions can be done anytime you wish to.

When you want to use PesaPal’s services, log into your account then choose the kind of service you would like to access. Follow the instructions given till the end. You can make your payment via mobile money, credit card or PesaPal wallet. Using a unique PesaPal reference you can also make payments using your handset without using the internet.

Once you have made your payments, your money is held on a trust account as you receive whatever services you are paying for. The recipient on the other end will only receive the money from the trust account at his request.
Once a transaction is complete a notification is sent to both you the purchaser and the seller. The notification entails a summary of the transaction so in case anything goes wrong, you have a back up to your complaint. For reference on your transactions you can log on to your PesaPal account and from there you can trail your transactions.

On the merchant’s side, when you want to access your money all you have to do is send a withdrawal request from your PesaPal account. The money will then be sent from the trust account to your bank account and there you go, you have your money with you.

Online payment systems have indeed made life easy. You no longer have to queue in Banks or physically move from store to store to do your shopping. You can now make your payments in a secure and convenient manner.

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