Thursday, 25 June 2015

How to create a landing page

A landing page is a web page that a visitor land on once he clicks on a URL or lead from another web page. Landing pages are important since they help you be able to capture a visitor’s information. They also help you be able to capture a particular target of audience, be it the ones who click on your banner ads, those who click on pay-per-click ads on webinar etc. Here are steps on how to create a landing page.

The foundation of creating a good landing page is identifying your target audience. This is the only best way you will be able to best satisfy their needs and capture their attention. This step is vital and skipping it is practically doing zero work because you will get it wrong all through and you will create a landing page, though it will not effectively serve its purpose.

After you are aware of your target audience, you should now figure out the right keywords to use.  Your choice of keywords should be in sync with your audience’s persona.  When you use effective keywords you will be able to gain more visitors to your leads and this will be to your advantage.

Use images. The human mind tends to be more excited with images more than texts. You should use this fact to your gain and come up with images that you will be able to use in orders to communicate the desired message to your audience. The more attractive and informative your images are the more visits to your landing page.

Your landing page’s headline is very important. The best way to come up with a headline that will capture your visitors’ attention is to read their minds and know what they are looking for and why they are looking for it. With this you will be able to attract more visitors to your landing page hence achieve your desired goal.

Satisfy your visitors’ objections. You should be able to think ahead of your audience and be able to know how well to handle the objections they may have. This is very important since if you fail to handle their disapproval well, they will lose confidence you and automatically this will be a loss to you.

With a good landing page you are able to efficiently deliver to your target audience as well as enable your visitors be able to download content offers or sign into offers. Landing pages are a very important for organizations since from them you are able to convert your visitors into leads. Following these steps will indeed help you create an efficient landing page.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Online Payment Systems

Online transaction has been with us for some years now. In some countries - especially the first world countries they are highly embraced and used while for third world countries they are averagely used. There is a great variety of online payment options and each has its own features, advantages and disadvantages.

PayPal is a widely used online electronic payment system. With PayPal, money can be sent directly to one’s email account but a user must own a PayPal account in order to transact using PayPal. PayPal however is not for free, one has to pay a fee of $0.30 per transaction.

Jambo Pay is a popular online electronic card payment system that is used in Kenya. It accepts payments from merchant’s websites and customers can make payments using visa, master cards, M-pesa and Airtel Money. With Jambo Pay one can pay school fees, bills, till and tickets to events or air travel. It can also be used to receive donations from anywhere in the world.

Payment getaways have emerged in the last few years though its use has not been well embraced. This is mainly because they charge a high fee of between 2.5% to 5% depending on the payment method being used and the amount of money involved.

Mobile payments in Kenya is widely used especially the M-pesa services. You first need to own a safaricom sim card then an account with M-pesa. From there using the instructions that you will be given you can proceed and make payments for commodities or transfer money.

Credit cards are used in Kenya though by a small percentage of the population. This is because processing credit cards in Kenya has been a problem to most businesses plus most businesses do not accommodate credit card payments. Security checks on credit have to be done manually which is quite tedious.

PesaPal is the most used e-commerce platform in Kenya. However to use it, both customers and merchants should own a PesaPal account, in which registering with PesaPal is free. From here, merchants should ensure that they have maintained a PesaPal account on their website. Customers can then proceed to make payments for the purchase made and Merchants will be able to receive the fee. Shoppers are allowed to make payments using credit/debit cards, money transfers or mobile money transfers; how convenient can it get!

These are just but a few online payment systems present in Kenya. If you are a vendor, you should ensure your website allows clients to make payments online. This will not only get you more customers and ease your transaction, it will also help encourage Kenyan citizens to embrace e-commerce.

Shop safe with secure Payment Systems

Why carry money around if want to buy commodities and stand the risk of being robbed and in the process get injured or killed? Technology has a safer solution for you. With e-commerce you can shop for goods and services without handling physical money. Here are a couple of online payment platforms and how they work.

This is an electronic payment system for online transactions. It allows customers who own bank accounts be able to receive and make payments electronically. This system is however highly applicable in Vietnam.

It is a widely used e-commerce method worldwide. It allows users be able to send and receive money globally regardless of the currency they are using. Transactions are however not for free; fees are charged depending on the country both the sender and recipient are in and the currency being used.

Net bank
This system is only applicable to consumers who own accounts that are enabled with internet banking. This system allows you the user to choose the bank which you wish to pay from then redirect the bank website where you can authenticate yourself and approve the payment. This system frees you from having to enter your card details on the purchaser’s site and it is considered safer.

It works well with tech startups such as living social. It is an online payment getaway that facilitates e-commerce and for a merchant to be able to get payments through it. He or she should first create an account with Braintree. Services are however not for free. There is a transaction fee of 2.9% per transaction.

We Pay
It is a payment processor that allows internet merchants to accept credit cards and bank account Payments online. Through its e-store page, customers’ queries are able to be addressed and it also helps customers to easily and conveniently take in payments. For bank transaction payments they charge 0.50$ and 3.5% per credit card transaction.

2check out
It is also another platform that supports e- shopping. It combines payment getaways with retailer’s account allowing consumers to receive both credit card payments as well as PayPal payments. With this service you get charged 3.99% plus 0.45$ transaction fees and a monthly service fee of 10.99$

By the mare fact that you don’t need to carry physical money when shopping with online payment system makes it safe. Chances of a customer being conned are also minimum compared to physical shopping since a lot of details and security checks are done to ensure the correct amount of money gets to the right person. Therefore, choose the secure shopping method and shop safe.

Different electronic payment systems

There are a lot of electronic payment systems present in our today’s world. In as much as they serve a common goal, they slightly differ from each other. Let’s discuss how different electronic payment systems work:

We pay
It allows consumers to make purchases without living the vendor’s site through a virtual terminal. This is advantageous because it makes customers feel that you are after their interests and not their credit card numbers. We Pay is best known for its outstanding customer service and fraud protection.

It enables consumers to receive PayPal and Google wallet. It doesn’t have features of PayPal but it is equally good. It allows you to send money directly from your bank account or Google wallet balance. It also allows you to receive or transfer money to your bank account free of charge. You however get charged a 2.9% fee if you send money via Credit Card.

With Payoneer, you can own a virtual US bank account and this is advantageous especially to people who don’t live in the US but need to get money in a US bank. When using Payoneer you will be charged an annual fee of 29.95$. If you make withdrawals from the ATM you will be charged about 3.00$ and for every transaction you will be charged some transaction fee.

Google Checkout
This system largely aims at merchants. This is because it enables them to refer buyers to a checkout page which is managed by Google. On that page a customer is to enter their payment information and then be send back to the retailer’s site with a confirmation of purchase.

These are just but a few online payment options. You can use whichever you prefer as long as it meets your needs as well as you customers’.

Friday, 12 June 2015


You don’t want to go on a trip to relax and enjoy yourself only for you to get so bored that you can’t wait to get back home. Your vacation may end with you not having achieved what you intended or things may completely not go your way. Here are a few tips that will help you be able to make the most out of your vacation.

Know what kind of vacation works for you
Why go to the wild if you have a phobia of wild animals or to the mountains if you get health complications when exposed to cold weathers? The first step to enjoy your vacation is if you learn what works for you.

Plan in advance
Planning for your trip is very important. You should know how much money you will be comfortable spending, what kind of climate you want to spend your holiday in, the specific luxury hotel that meets your need, the type of activities you’re planning on doing etc. Failure to plan may really mess you up. You may end up staying in a hotel that completely displeased you or in a location that you are completely uncomfortable in. So be wise and take time to plan.

Make your bookings in Advance
You don’t want to postpone your recess just because you couldn’t get a plane or a bus at the time you wanted or get the hotel of your choice. If possible make all your payments from your mode of transport, food, accommodation etc, in advance to avoid delays or disappointment.

Keep away from things that stress you
Holidays are meant to detox you from stress and this will only be possible if you keep away from things and people that pressure you. No matter how costly your tour destination is, you will not enjoy it neither get the relaxation you need if you choose to hold on to thing that give you pressure you.

Do your research
Do not go to places you know completely nothing about. Before visiting a place make sure you know the type of climate to expect, the activities you can do when there, how safe is the place etc. For example you don’t want to find yourself in a sunny remote place in the wild yet you didn’t carry sunscreen with you. You may end up being forced to stay indoors and have a hot boring holiday.

These are just but a few major factors that you should put into consideration when planning to take some time off to your preferred destination. Your ignorance and attitude are the only things that may turn your long awaited fun vacation to a boring one. Play your role well when preparing to go on a trip and if things don’t turn out as expected, try make the best out of it.

Unique ideas for affordable vacations.

One of the reasons why most people don’t go for vacations is because they have a mentality that going out for holidays is expensive and it is an activity only practical to the rich in the society. In real sense, vacations are very much affordable especially in Kenya. With me are a few ideas you can explore for unique affordable vacations

Joining up forces
This simply means you form a team of people and together raise a certain amount of money that will be enough for you to comfortably spend then go out together on a vacation together. Not only will you have managed to easily come up with the finances needed but the more the people you experience holidays together with the more fun it becomes.

Individually save
Saving is usually one of the best way to achieve something financially that you couldn’t at once. You can open up a savings account or just save in your own way till you are able to reach the particular amount of money that you need. Saving however requires a lot of self-discipline in order to achieve the intended goal.

Visit places that are within your financial reach
Go on a multi-billion dollar get away only if you can afford it. There is no point of going out and having fun only to come back and start battling with debts. The pressure you will get trying to settle your arrears will council out the relaxation you got. You can never miss something that is affordable and friendly to your pockets.
Don’t pay but make your own
Who said you have to pay for a very expensive hotel in order to visit the beach or have a taste of the tasty cuisine they have? There are public beaches which you can visit free of charge. You can also Google the recipes the chiefs in those luxurious hotels use and prepare your self-something mouthwatering.

Invent your own vacation
This basically means come up with you own way of enjoying your holiday. You can call your family and friends for barbecue, relax and have fun. You can also come up with games to play or go watch an interesting movie at the cinema.

Spend your holidays with the less fortunate
Do the unexpected, be unique. Everyone will run to the beach, go visit wild animals, visit some amazing sceneries etc but won’t remember the less privileged in the society. You can choose to use the little you Have and make your vacation unique. Go visit the elderly, orphans or prisoners, interact with them and have fun. This will be relaxing and a source of joy not only to you but those you show kindness too as well.

Don’t choose to do what everyone does for their holidays. Be distinct and find other means to enjoy, relax and have a good time. Remember that u can have amazing vacation without having to spend billions of dollar; work with what is pocket friendly to you.

Guide to online payment systems

Necessity truly is the mother of invention. As the world advances people have become more preoccupied with whatever it is they do. There is need to invest more of your time in other things to the extent that you may not have ample time to go for shopping , pay your bills ,visit the  bank to pay your child’s school fees etc. This created a need to come up with a system that will be convenient for people to access certain services with ease. Today you can pay your school fees, bills, buy tickets to events, top up your airtime and shop online. Here is a guide to online payment system when Using PesaPal

For starters you need to register with PesaPal and own an account with them. This will serve as your entry point.  All you need to do is visit PesaPal’s website and from there follow the instructions that will help you successfully own an account.
From here now you are free to use PesaPal for whatever services that you wish to. Be it paying of school fees, bills, purchasing airtime, purchasing tickets to events, shopping etc. All these transactions can be done anytime you wish to.

When you want to use PesaPal’s services, log into your account then choose the kind of service you would like to access. Follow the instructions given till the end. You can make your payment via mobile money, credit card or PesaPal wallet. Using a unique PesaPal reference you can also make payments using your handset without using the internet.

Once you have made your payments, your money is held on a trust account as you receive whatever services you are paying for. The recipient on the other end will only receive the money from the trust account at his request.
Once a transaction is complete a notification is sent to both you the purchaser and the seller. The notification entails a summary of the transaction so in case anything goes wrong, you have a back up to your complaint. For reference on your transactions you can log on to your PesaPal account and from there you can trail your transactions.

On the merchant’s side, when you want to access your money all you have to do is send a withdrawal request from your PesaPal account. The money will then be sent from the trust account to your bank account and there you go, you have your money with you.

Online payment systems have indeed made life easy. You no longer have to queue in Banks or physically move from store to store to do your shopping. You can now make your payments in a secure and convenient manner.

Creating an e-commerce website

E-commerce came as a blessing to many businesses since it enables entrepreneurs to broaden their market to serve the whole world. The larger your market the more your profits and the bigger your business grows. However with e-commerce one must own a website and ensure it attracts the desired customers and outdoes any competition. Here are tips on creating a good e-commerce website.

First and foremost, keep it simple. Do not flood your consumers with too much information. Just give a basic description and if they want to know more they will ask questions and you will answer them.  Giving too much information revolving around a certain commodity or service will bore your audience and may send them away.

Create a filter. It is so annoying when you are looking for something and all you get is a list of things that may share slight similarity i.e the name. Creating filters on your website is really important since it saves visitors to your website time and would enable them easily get that which they are looking for.

Make your customers work easy. Do not make them go through the hustle of having to register first for them to see your products or navigate on your website. Most tend to register with a fake name and address or just look for another sight that they can be able to get the same commodity.

Speed is of essence. One thing you should know about internet users is that they are the most impatient people. If someone is to click on a button or link on your website and take centuries to load, they will exit immediately and never visit again. You should therefore ensure that the loading speed on your website is as fast enough. This not only encourages your customer to navigate on it but also save on time.

Make sure content on your website is on good quality. The spellings should be right and the grammar correct. Make sure the content is well researched and to depth as it should be. The reader should feel the professionalism of the writer by reading his or her work. Content is the face of your website. If it is poorly done your customers will lack confidence in your products or services which won’t be a good thing for u.

Online shopping is easy, secure and convenient both to you and your customers. All you need to do is make your website appealing enough to attract customers to you and do the necessary advertisements to get traffic to your website.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

AfricaKnows Launches June Photo Competition

Following the success of previous competition, AfricaKnows in association with ConstructAfrica are pleased to announce the launch of its “Unique buildings in Africa” photography competition.

AfricaKnows and ConstructAfrica are looking for photographs of unique buildings and projects under construction and are offering cash prices to the photographers whose photos emerge top.

Entrants may submit up to 20 photos. Please include a brief description of the building and the location when uploading your photos. Photos can be submitted on Africa knows
website .
We are looking for originality and high quality images in their highest possible resolution not less than 3000pixles. A photograph will be selected from the competition submissions prior to shortlisting. The top three winning photographers will then be contacted and awarded cash prices of $200, $150 and $100 respectively.
Photos for the competition need to be submitted by 21st June 2014. The photos will then be shortlisted and then ConstructAfrica will select the winning images.


Notes: Photos for the Competition need to be digital with a resolution of at least 3000 pxl and at least 4992 pixels x 3328 pixels (can be landscape or portrait). You can usually adjust the settings on your digital camera to take high resolution photos.

Photos uploaded may be used by ConstructAfrica and AfricaKnows for publicity purposes, on the web site, in marketing material, Stock site.
 Please see full photography terms and conditions.

The May competition themed “Constructing Africa” photographs from last month is available to buy from Competition.